This kit is recommended for advanced hobbyists!

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1. online manual
2. sway bar info
3. skid plate template

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TLT-1 1:10th+ scale conversion kit
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Kit info: Designed as a more realistic stlye 4x4 truck. Great for rock crawling and tough truck racing! Get rid of that problematic stock TLT belt and ball diff tranny and bolt in a Traxxas gear transmission! Unlimited custom truck possibilities!

*Built for TLT-1 solid axles and Traxxas Stampede drive train
*custom transmission plates lowers motor and allows for more gear ratios
*utilizes Traxxas Stampede slider half shafts
*Tall, Mid and Low ride height configurations without changing shocks
*tube frame style looks and multi frame construction
*radio tray accommodates 25-30mm motor cooling fan over motor
*highly tunable suspension settings
*accommodates 6-cell stick packs

NOTE: This conversion kit works great with Savage and Maxx size bodies(photos show HPI bodies). Some 1/10th scale bodies will not fit. The max length of this chassis is about 13.5" and max width is just under 6".

1. G-10 "tube-style" multi frame chassis (8 main frame pieces!)
2. G-10 Heavy duty transmission plates
3. G-10 electronics tray (accomodates 25-30mm cooling fan over motor)
4. Stainless steel socket head hardware
5. Aluminum 4-link kit with heavy duty rod ends
6. Aluminum chassis posts
7. Instruction manual
see list of parts required (below right in gray box)

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   Team PRP 1:10th+ scale 4x4
TLT-1 conversion kit product photos.



Parts required from Tamiya TLT-1
  *axle assemblies
  *body posts
  *servo mounts
  *M3 screws from the TLT-1 kit

Parts required from Traxxas 272 Magnum Transmission (if you already own a 272 Magnum Transmission you will only need another set of Yokes)
  *Stampede Differential gear #2388
  *Top shaft #1993
  *Top shaft gear # 3195
  *Long half shafts #1951
  *Idler gear #1996
  *Idler gear shaft #3691(comes with transmission halves)
  *Yokes #4628 (4 yokes needed)
  *5x11 bearings (6 needed)
  *spur gear adapter #3693 or slipper clutch set #4615
  * Spur gears come with slipper assembly, otherwise you will need a Traxxas 48pitch spur and pinion of your choice.

SHOCKS: We recommend 4" shocks for this conversion kit (E/T-Maxx shocks work great). You can also use the stock TLT-1 shocks for a more scale look.

*Anti-sway bar mounting plates are available. Hand bent sway bars are also available. Contact us if you are interested.

*Check out the downloads section for a skid plate template.


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MSRP: $39.99

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TLT-1 axle brace kit for 1 truck (braces both axles)
Out of stock

Greatly reduces breakage of the plastic axles around the steering joint,( C-hub ). A must have upgrade when using 2.2" wheels and tires!!!

Axle brace kit includes;
1. 8 upper axle brace plates
2. 8 lower axle brace plates
3. 24 M3 lock nuts
4. 24 M3x25mm screws
5. instructions

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Works great as a fun scale crawler too!



Stay tuned for more exciting solid axle chassis kits



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