All New Berzerker LE (Lipo Edition) Chassis
- postponed until further notice -

Unfortunately we did not meet the pre order goal by July 25th and we were not close enough to the goal to extend the sale time. Due to the low pre order numbers we have decided to put the new chassis kit on hold. We will be looking into some other options and hope to get the new truck produced in the future.

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Current Berzerer LE parts List: (subject to changes before final production)

Gun Metal Anodized Aluminum Parts:
x8, 4-Link M4x128mm Turnbuckle
x2, 4-Link Mount
x2, Duo Mount (mounts to new battery tray)
x10, Chassis Post
x2, M3x6x10 Post
x4, M3x6x6 Post
x16, M3x5.8mm Ball Stud

Carbon Fiber Parts:
x2, Main Chassis V2
x4, Swing Arm
x4, Swing Arm Spacer V2
x2, Servo Brace
x1, Front Drag Link V2
x1, Rear Drag Link
x2, Front AMP (Axle Mount Plate)
x2, Rear AMP (Axle Mount Plate)
x1, Rear Steer Plate V1
x1, Rear Steer Plate V2
x1, Battery Tray V2
x4, Sway Bar Mount V2

G10 Parts:
x2, Radio Tray Mounts V2
x1, Radio Tray
x2, Servo Spacer

Delrin Servo Mounts:
x1, Servo Mount Front Inner
x1, Servo Mount Front Outer
x1, Servo Mount Rear Inner
x1, Servo Mount Rear Outer

Misc Hardware:
x4, 48mm Turnbuckle Pushrod
x16, M4 Rod Ends
x14, M3 Rod Ends
x12, 10x12x.1-.3 Shim Kit
x4, Sway Bar Ends
x4, Drag Link Bushing
x16, Unthreaded Spacer
x2, Velcro Strap

Black Metric Fasteners, screws, nuts, washers



*This is a nearly complete list of components included with the Berzerker LE kit. Subject to slight changes before final production. Any updates to the list will be published when available.



Team PRP's Berzerker Clod Chassis took the Clod Racing scene by storm in 2004 by becoming one
of the most dominant chassis kits in Clod Buster History. We are also developing a new Lipo Edition Berzerker!

Team PRP Berzerkers dominate the Clod racing scene!
4-Time NRCTPA World Champions

chassis photo


MSRP: $4
25 (fws)
$450 (4ws)

Berzerker Photos


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Berzerker info: World Championship winning Clod Buster chassis design. "Innovate, not recreate!" Built for the racer, this is not a back yard basher. Quality design for nearly zero slop in all chassis and steering components! Race proven design Sweeping the 2005 NRCTPA Spring Nationals and World Championships! Taking the top 5 positions at both events! We then went on to sweep the 2006, 2007, 2009 World Championships and 2012 Spring Nationals with the most Berzerkers in the top 10 at all events! (we did not attend NR/CTPA races in 2008, 2010, 2011).

CNC precision machined high grade carbon fiber components, interlocking mid mounted radio tray and bottom mount battery tray, steel turnbuckle 4-link design for fine tuning wheelbase and caster. Delrin®, Carbon fiber, steel and aluminum components. Innovative rear steering design allows supreme steering control on tighter, indoor tracks. Choose the Berzerker Chassis Front Wheel Steer kit with rear lockout or the full 4 Wheel Steer berzerker kit for the championship winning setup!

Pictures: Click here for more photos

Berzerker features:
- Bearing suported carbon Ffber swing arm suspension design, no bushings
- Tough steel turnbuckle 4-links and suspension push rods allow you to fine tune your truck
- MegaTune suspension setup, adjustable shock positions and angles
- MegaTune 4-link setup, completely adjustable 4 links and wheelbase
- Front super steering system with low CG axle tube servo mounts (adjustable for any brand of servo)
- Front and rear drag links bolt ontight for "zero" steering slop
- Rear Steer system with Ultra Stable Rear Steer Plate for highly tunable rear steer setup
- Bottom mounted battery tray securely holds battery in place. (LiPo Upgrade coming soon)
- Our "pit bull" locking system upper 4-link mounts are included
- Rear steering system with Rear Steer Limiter Plate brings tighter cornering with better straight line stability.
- Mid chassis low CG radio tray
- heavy duty anti sway bars included

ORDER: Contact us to place your order and check availability.

MSRP: $39.99

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Clod Buster upper 4-link mounts, 1 pair (2 pieces)
in stock

Unlike other upper 4 link mounts out there, our design features a mounting method that will stay tight. We have run our mounts for well over a year and they are still holding tight! It stays locked in!

CNC precision machined aluminum upper 4-link mounts for Clod Buster axles. Incorporates anti-wear cross link bushings and PIT BULL locking system that stays locked in! Used to win the 2004 NR/CTPA Worlds, 2005, 2006, 2007 Spring Nationals and 2005, 2006, 2007 Worlds Championships!

Included in kit:
- M3x30mm socket head cross link screw (x2)
- M3 lock nut for cross link screw (x2)
- 4-40 x 5/8" socket cap head screw (x2)
- 4-40 nylon insert lock nut (x2)
- 2.5mm g10 locker plate (x2)
- heavy duty locker plate washer (x2)
- anti-wear cross link bushings (x4)
- cnc machined aluminum 4-link mounts (x2)

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MSRP: $12.99

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ultra stable rear steer plate
in stock

CNC precision machined carbon fiber servo saver steering limiter plates. Adjustable plates bring ultra stable straight line speeds with the ability to turn ultra tight. Now you can run 4 wheel steer with stability more similar to 2 wheel steer trucks!

Package includes:
1 carbon fiber limiting plate
hex socket head hardware
assembly instructions
A MUST HAVE for racing on tight tracks!

TEAM TIP: Team PRP Recommends using the MPI Servo Reverser on your rear servo to help dial in perfect rear steer centering and also allows you to use the same servo front and rear. If you need a servo Y harness run this short Y adapter from Traxxas.

The Team PRP Rear Steer Limiter will work with other 4ws trucks.

REQUIRES: Kimbrough large servo saver

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