Berzerker LE
postponed until further notice

Sleek carbon fiber mounted to gun metal ano with stealth black hardware! It's like a whole new Berzerker with the same great handling.


Team PRP and Tekin sweep 2012 NRCTPA again!
Team PRP and Team Tekin take the top 5 spots at the 2012 NR/CTPASpring Nationals with Ben Prenevost taking 1st, 3rd, and 4th with his Tekin FX Pro ESC and Tekin Powercell powered Berzerkers and team mate Doug Harvey taking 2nd, 5th, 8th and 10th place. Berzerkers accounted for nearly all of the top 10 positions!  Doug also won Elimination Racing with the Berzerker and we tied for 1st place in the Freestyle Competition. This makes both Team PRP and Tekin four-time NR/CTPASpring National Champions!

Team PRP and Tekin sweep 2009 NRCTPA World Finals!
Team PRP and Team Tekin take the top 4 spots at the 2009 NR/CTPA World Championships with Ben Prenevost taking 1, 3, and 4th with his Tekin FX Pro ESC and Tekin Powercell powered Berzerkers and team mate and co-Berzerker designer, Doug Harvey taking 2nd place.  This makes both Team PRP and Tekin four-time NR/CTPA World Champions!

Morris Aschkenas wins Open class at MJ10
Mo took his Berzerker to the win at the 2009 MJ10 in Pennsylvania. It was a close 4 minute road course lap race where the top 2 trucks were no more than 20 feet apart the whole time. A nail-biting race for Mo but the Berzerker had the edge in the end. Mo ran Lipo power with a dual brushless esc setup in his Team PRP Berzerker. Congrats, Mo!


• Back 2 Back Digger Dungeon Champions! Dan Wyatt takes the top spot at the 2008 Digger Dungeon RC Monster Jam for the second year in a row!

A big thank you goes out to Dan Wyatt once again for attending this huge race event at Digger's Dungeon and taking home the win. This gives Dan and our Berzerker chassis yet another stellar podium fininsh to add to our growing list of wins! Congratulations, Dan!!!

Team PRP and Tekin continue their winning streak!
PRP and Tekin win again!Team PRP and Team Tekin take top 3 spots at the 2007 NR/CTPA World Championships.  This makes both teams 3 time World Champions each year since 2005! Ben drove his TEKIN G-11 powered Berzerkers into the top 3 spots in 4wd Mod Monster Truck, while team mate and fellow Berzerker designer, Doug Harvey took 5th and 6th place! Team PRP Berzerker chassis' accounted for 8 trucks in the top 20, making them the most trucks finishing in the top 20 compared to our competitors!

• Dan Wyatt takes the top spot at the 2007 Digger Dungeon RC Monster Jam!
Wyatt wins Pro ModFriday qualifying showed that Dan was already on a great pace.  Dan drove his Berzerker to the fastest qualifying time in pro mod clod, the truck was running on rails, and screaming over the jumps!  Saturday Racing: After concorse was over, elimination racing began. The competition was tense, and the weather was great! Dan had two Berzerkers prepped for the race, and over the course of the day, he eliminated myself down to just one truck. "I had 3 rounds to go before the finals, and felt confident knowing my truck and chassis setup was right on the money." After every race was run, the Berzerker came out on top! "Thanks Ben for all the setup tips and help to get these two trucks running their best!" Thank you Dan for attending this race and putting on a great show with our trucks. Congratulations!!!

Our Factory B-Stock RS4 Rally Chassis kits (Enduro chassis)are available exclusively on eBay. They will be added to eBay from time to time.

Kyosho Lazer ZX-5 Steering Braces are in stock
zx-5 thumbnail imageOur ZX-5 braces are CNC machined from 3.0mm Carbon Fiber. They are designed to strengthen the bell crank steering system by replacing the stock "flexy" drag link brace with our rigid carbon fiber brace. Our carbon fiber brace also adds an additional attachment point to hold the steering settings in true alignment. This brace greatly reduces bellcrank flex while keeping it lightweight. If you are interested in getting one, please check our eBay auctions.

Team PRP DOMINATES the NR/CTPA Worlds . . . AGAIN!!!
Congratulations to Matthew Hjelvik. Winner of the 2006 NR/CTPA Worlds!
Team PRP swept the Modified Monster Truck class by taking the top 8 spots at the 2006 NR/CTPA Worlds. TEKIN G-11 powered Berzerkers accounted for the top 5! Congratulations to Matthew, Doug and Ben on their awesome runs!

Team PRP Berzerkers have won every major NR/CTPA style event in the Modified Monster Truck class in 2006! Taking home the gold at the Winter Super Pull and March Madness, Spring Nationals, and finishing it off with another Worlds title! NICE!!!

Team PRP did not attend the 2007 Spring Nationals, but we are planning on attending the 07 Worlds.


Team PRP continues winning in 2006!
Congratulations to Matthew Hjelvik on the 1st place victory!!!

Once again, Team PRP with their Berzerker Clod Buster race chassis has taken out the Thundertech Ripper and Powers chassis by placing 1st through 7th place at this years NR/CTPA Spring Nationals! Almost a top 10 sweep, Berzerkers accounted for 8 of the top 10 trucks! We have now gone undefeated since winning the 2005 Spring Nats in May 2005! Check out the awesome Berzerker chassis kit here!

• Berzerkers unbeatable in '06 !
Congratulations to Jerry Garland! Winner of the 2006 Winter Super Pull and 2006 March Madness in 4wd Mod Monster Truck with our Berzerker race chassis and Tekin G-11 Speedo combination! Jerry also took the 4wd Sport Mod title at the Super Pull where he crushed the competition by finishing nearly 4 seconds ahead of 2nd place! Team PRP has now gone undefeated in NR/CTPA style races since winning the 2005 Spring Nationals last May!

• Team PRP and Team Tekin sweep the 2005 NR/CTPA Worlds!
Team PRP Berzerkers equipped with the latest Team Tekin G-11 Speed Controls take the top 5 spots in 4wd Modified Monster Truck, backing up our Spring Nationals victory and closing out the 2005 race season as the new World Champions. See the Berzerker race chassis here

• Our TLT-1 chassis conversion is perfect as a super-fun, all-around scale truck chassis! Capable of recreational racing, light bashing and rock crawling. Check it out here

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